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Balaton Accommodation - Zamardi Apartment

Our Apartment can be found at the Balaton's south side near to the Balaton, at the most beautiful place of Zamardi

Apartment Accomodation on sale in the pre-season
Balaton apartment in Zamardi

Accommodation is from 5.000 HUF/pers./night

Minimum Person 4, Accomodation in apartments for 4, 5 or 6 people, They contain the VAT but they do not contain the tax for tourism which has to be paid for people aged from 18 and its amount is HUF 450 /person/night.
The preferential price is for rooms that reserved for 7 nights and 1 week before arriving!


We accept SZÉP cards

OTP SZÉP cards, MKB SZÉP cards and KnH SZÉP cards are accapted

Well equipped Apartments

Every apartments are equipped with shower, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi is available.


Tasting of pálinka from the products of Zimmek Manufacture, wine tasting in St. Kristóf wine cellar

Why Balatonzamárdi?

Have you ever dreamt of a summer holiday, vacation, going to the beach, swimming, sunbathing and having a good rest? If yes, go to Lake Balaton! More specifically, Zamardi!

  • Lake Balaton is the biggest lake in Central Europe, the pearl of Hungary.
  • A major characteristic feature of the Southern coast of Lake Balaton, including Zamardi, is the shallow water with its positive impact on the water temperature, thus the place is a preferred holiday paradise for families with young children, but each and every age group will find its favoured way of relaxing.
  • A great edition to Zamárdi’s popularity is the unique, many kilometers long neat free beach.
  • Parking is free in the entire territory of Zamárdi, an exceptional unique feature around the Lake Balaton.
  • Zamardi offers the best and most spectacular view of the Tihany peninsula with the Abbey of Tihany.
  • Zamardi is the place of the greatest festival in the region, called “Balaton Sound”, which is very popular among young foreign visitors, too.
  • The sunset and the Northern shore with their lights also provide a breathtaking view.
  • Zamardi is one of the most popular places for holidays at Lake Balaton.

Reasonable accommodation prices in Ildikó Apartments Zamardi

We are open throughout the year

from HUF 20.000 /4 person/night

Preseason accommodation Reasonable prices during preseason from January 6.th till june 30.th.

Balaton Sound
Balaton Sound
63.000 HUF/6 person/night

Accommodation for Balaton Sound Balaton Sound is one of Europe's biggest outdoor electronic music festivals.

About Zamardi
Téli ünnepek
Holiday season
from 24.000 HUF/4 person/night

Spend Holiday season at Lake Balaton Balaton is also frequented during the winter, attracting the lovers of winter sports.